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Flagstaff Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

FlagWeb's approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is straight-forward, honest and practical. In your initial free consultation, the web professionals at FlagWeb ask pertinent questions to determine your internet marketing goals to ensure that your goals and expectations are realistic and attainable.

Keyword Research
The first and most important piece of work that must be done is keyword research to determine which key phrases best suit your product or service and that those keywords receive enough search volume to make them viable for you.

Niche Keyphrases
We will work to narrow your keywords into the most specific categories possible in order to narrow competition and focus on your target market. We will seek out niche keyphrases that describe your product or service in the most specific terms possible, in order to increase your chances of being found by your potential clients or customers.

On-page Optimization
All of the sites built by FlagWeb are built to be search engine friendly. This means making sure that the appropriate keywords are in place not only in your meta tags but also in the text of your page.

Speak to Your Visitors - Create Content for Humans
When writing website text, we make sure we write text that speaks clearly and powerfully to your visitors first and second is optimized for search engines. There's no sense spending a lot of time driving people to your website if you have nothing of clear value to keep them there once they arrive. So, we focus on helping you create content for humans that is also optimized for search engines.

Keep Current
A site that is updated regularly will be crawled and indexed more by search engines. Having a Blog on your site is a great way to keep the content fresh. Forums are also excellent vehicles to generate fresh content as you engage people in conversations and keep them coming back to your site.

Be Relevant and Popular
Creating a site with unique and useful content will help to make you one of the popular kids on your block. Your "block" is your neighborhood of keyphrases and related categories and your "neighbors" are other sites that have content that is relevant to your own. Links pointing to your site from other sites of relevant content are basically seen as a "vote" towards the importance of your site. And yes, you guessed it, the more votes you get, the more popular your site becomes in the search engines. Social Networking has also become a key tool to help generate votes and site popularity and drive traffic to your site.

Social Networking
Social Media Outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. can be excellent tools to help you reach out and connect to your customers and colleagues. It’s all about social “shares” and engagement. Participating in blogs and forums related to your field can also be a great way to drive visitors to your site. Being seen as an expert or an authority in your field will help generate traffic to your site as people become interested in what else you may have to offer.

Pay Per Click
Gaining good search engine rank takes time. Depending on how competitive your category is, you could be looking at six months to several years before you attain the rank you are seeking. If you need your site to be found right away, we can help you set up Pay Per Click ads in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. Pay Per Click ads can be a very useful tool in helping to refine and narrow your keywords and determining which key phrases actually bring you results.

Be Flexible
Search engine algorithms are constantly being updated. What works today to gain placement for your website, may not work forever. The professionals at FlagWeb are committed to staying on top of recent trends and algorithm updates. We will always remain prepared to make the appropriate recommendations to help keep your site at the top of the search engines.