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Flagstaff Real Estate Websites

FlagWeb has all the skill and knowledge needed to create outstanding real estate websites. We can integrate with any IDX solution and we can even recommend some excellent IDX providers who can help to set your site apart from your competition.

Function and Form
Although we always strive to create beautiful real estate websites, we are also very careful not to sacrifice functionality in favor of aesthetics. Real estate sites must not only be attractive, they must also be well organized and have a clean, clear navigation system.

Keep Them Coming Back
A successful real estate website is one that visitors will bookmark and return to over and over again. One of the main elements that ensures visitors returning to your website is a user-friendly, MLS search feature.

Keep it Current
Making regular updates to your site and keeping it current will also encourage the return of your visitors. Provide useful information on current market conditions, advice on how to best navigate that market, historical data on market trends, etc. The more free information you can provide, the better.

Establish Your Authority
Set yourself apart from the competition by establishing yourself as an authority in your field. Do you specialize in a particular type of real estate? Are you particularly knowledgeable about certain neighborhoods? Having an area of focus and expertise will help to establish your professional identity online.

Tell your Story & Make it Personal
Making a relationship with a realtor is a very personal experience for most people. So, it's very important that your website accurately reflect your distinct style and personality. One way to do this is by posting a short video on your home page. FlagWeb can help you create your personal Story Brand Video!

What's Your Style?
Your website is your opportunity to express your unique style and personality or, in marketing terms, your "brand". The overall graphic design and the general tone of the text will help set the stage for visitors to get a feel for who you are and what it might be like to work with you. Folksy, conversational text will help to define you as warm, casual and approachable. Crisp, clean text will help to present you as more of a formal business professional. There is no right or wrong as far as image goes but authenticity will go a long way toward helping you connect with clients who will be the best match for your services.

Real Estate Agency Websites
Whether your agency is new and looking to establish its brand, or you are an established agency with an existing website, the professionals at FlagWeb are available to help you with all of your online marketing needs.

IDX Solutions
We are able to work with any IDX provider you choose and we can even help you decide on the IDX solution that best suites your needs.

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